Disinfection & Advanced Oxidation

Biocides are compounds selected for their ability to kill harmful microbes, but with low toxicity to humans, plants, and, animals
Chlorine Dioxide ClO2 – The Ideal Biocide
Chlorine Dioxidesmall

Chlorine Dioxide is a fast-acting, exceptionally powerful anti-infectious agent. Due to the broad pH stability (3-10), its ability to disinfect and sanitize, as well as remove taste and residual odour compounds, this makes Chlorine Dioxide the Ideal antimicrobial solution!

How does Chlorine Dioxide work?

Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizing agent, meaning it steals electrons from another molecule (or organism) during a chemical reaction and by doing so it denatures proteins, essential to cell integrity and function, leading them to break down therefore killing the microorganism

This activity prevents microorganisms from mutating and developing resistance

Learn about Chlorine Dioxide in this short video!

What can Chlorine Dioxide be used for? 
Potable Drinking Water & Wastewater

Powerful disinfectant that effectively balances purification performance and disinfection by-product formation, with CT values second only to ozone in biocidal efficacy, without the ozonation by-products or high CAPEX

Food Produce
Food & Produce

Microbial contamination is critical in food operations, requiring more effective and powerful sanitation programs in food processing facilities e.g. poultry, meat, fish, dairies, breweries, flumes, etc.

Chlorine dioxide minimizes toxic residues and is non-corrosive to processing equipment as it is a true dissolved gas in water

Industrial Water

Cooling towers - microbial biofilm can result in increased consumption of power and loss of heat transfer due to the insulating nature of inorganic deposits

Process water - disinfectant, algicide, and oxidizer

Zebra Mussel Control - eliminate population growth and contamination

C-I-P Sanitizer

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Taste & Odour Control

ClO2 reacts selectively with odorous sulphides (VSCs) and mercaptans resulting in a significantly lower dose than other oxidizers, delivering favourable economics!

Anthium Dioxcide - Effective against SARS-CoV-2 EPA List N 9150-2

Being an oxidising agent, Chlorine Dioxide is proven to be effective against viruses (enveloped and non-enveloped),
fungi (mold and spores), bacteria and protozoa!

Typical Applications of Chlorine Dioxide

Generated at the point-of-application, designed to be efficient, reliable, and low maintenance.

Used extensively for the following performance attributes:

  • Biofilm reduction and prevention
  • Hard surface sanitization
  • Odour elimination in air scrubbers
  • Broad spectrum disinfection
  • Virus inactivation (proven to work against Covid-19)
  • Kills mold and mildew
  • Residual enhancement
  • To meet Regulatory Compliance Standards
  • To replace bleach or chlorine for large volume water disinfection
More about Chlorine Dioxide
Water Technovation is proudly the Official Partner for International Dioxcide in Africa

All our systems are engineered for simplicity, reliability, and are designed to meet the highest safety and purity standards - Guaranteed

From International Dioxcide (USA)

AnthiumTM Dioxcide
Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide for Industrial Disinfection

    - An Effective alternative to Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Hydrogen Peroxide or Bleach -

Sodium Chlorite with EPA, ANSI/NSF 60 and KOSHER Certification

Platform of Patented Chlorine Dioxide Generators


NO Power-mains required

Mini AC generator

MG generator

Inline generator

The robust industrial InLine Generator has the ability to produce up to 4500 kg Chlorine Dioxide per day

Every project includes a thorough survey, specifications check, proposal, and design review.
Providing layout design in 3D rendered drawings with a detailed operation manual.
Safety and operations training.
Our solutions are tailored to your needs and specifications.

ERCOPureTM Sodium Chlorite with EPA/ANSI/NSF 60 and KOSHER certification for use in Drinking Water applications

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