Blue-Green Algae Treatment

~ Cyanobacteria ~

Aquatic microorganisms that use light, water, and inorganic nutrients to grow by plant-like photosynthesis, allowing them to flourish in eutrophic water conditions.

Cyanobacterial blooms disrupt the aquatic ecosystem and reduce biodiversity by dominating the upper water level. They inhibit the growth of competing phytoplankton species by physical means – obstruction of direct access to sunlight, and by chemical means - allowing cyanobacteria to defend their living space.

Lake Guard™
A Preventative, Cost-effective Solution to Toxic Cyanobacterial Blooms

Designed to fuse market-approved, well-validated algaecides with a novel delivery mechanism thereby removing all pre-existing limitations in terms of feasibility, affordability, and eco-friendliness!

So how does it work?

Administered as a dry granular powder, Lake Guard™ floats on the water meaning effective concentrations are limited only to the surface areas where cyanobacteria are most abundant.

Lake Guard™ travels from the point of deployment downstream, carried by the currents, along with cyanobacterial cells and forms a perfect spatial formation around cyanobacterial aggregates.

This means that throughout the process, Lake Guard™ creates the optimal exposure ratio between algaecide and cyanobacteria-cells consequently reducing the effective dose.

Ideally, Lake Guard™ can (and should) be administered upon detecting first signs of cyanobacterial activity, using only small quantities, thus preventing the occurrence of blooms altogether.

Lake Guard™ treatment is scalable to large water bodies.

Check out this clip of the treatment of Roodeplaat dam in South Africa, with the BlueGreen Water Technologies team

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